3d Printing

3D Printing is a lot of fun. I enjoy the challenges of thinking up something in my head, designing it, figuring out the best way to print i with the best chances of success, and having something to hold in my hand that was in my brain just a few hours ago.
I am not one to print out artistic models of things, I'd rather use the printer to design and make practical things.

I started in 3d printing back around 2014 and purchased a Makerfarm i3v 10" printer.
Some general specs on my printer:

  • 10"x10"x10" build volume
  • 12V power supply and heated bed
  • Hexagon all metal hot end with .4mm nozzle
  • Direct drive extruder

Some upgrades I have made to my printer are:

  • Raspberry Pi running Octoprint for printer management via wifi
  • 8mmm lead screws for the Z axis
  • BL touch bed sensor and bed leveling
  • Marlin 2.0 firmware set up from srcratch (a somewhat painful process)
  • BIQU/Bigtreetech SKR 1.4 32 bit main board with 2209 stepper drivers. Oh so quiet now!

Each little change helps to make the print quality better or the machine easier to use.

A few things which I need to address on the printer.

  • Plywood base/frame parts flex too much - need to mount to it to one plywood base. Thinking of using 1/2"/12mm baltic birch ply